Progyny: What Employers Can Do to Bridge Current Gaps in Women’s Healthcare

Employers know that to attract and retain top talent they need to offer comprehensive benefits that produce supportive cultures.

But unfortunately, many women in the workforce still see gaps between the expectation and reality of what their employers have to offer. For example, more than 1/3 of women have skipped medical care due to costs not covered by their employer.

During reproductive years, 1 in 5 women learn they have two or more chronic medical conditions when they start trying to conceive. For 25% of the workforce, if they’d been offered preventative care before conceiving, it could have lowered critical and acute complications in pregnancy and postpartum.

As women enter menopause, many don’t believe there’s adequate specialty care available. Only 60% of women seek medical attention for menopause symptoms, and 75% of those women are left untreated.

Employers can close these gaps by providing the right care at the right time.

  • Early Career
    Facilitate testing to diagnose underlying medical conditions
  • Family Building
    Provide access and coverage for quality, inclusive family building care for all paths to parenthood
  • Maternal Health
    Connect the dots on health risks during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond in workforce re-entry
  • Mid to Late Career
    Fill the care vacuum with trained providers and symptom awareness to prepare women early for health risks and symptoms in midlife and menopause

Our healthcare system is disconnected. But Progyny is addressing the gaps that exist in the fertility, family building and women’s health system.

Watch our Progyny’s in-depth webinar on this topic here.

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