SVEF Leads the Way Globally for High-Tech Benchmark Surveys

Many benefit practitioners, especially those who work in the high-tech sector will know how challenging it can be to find relevant and meaningful data to benchmark employee benefit programs and strategy to.  For the past 3 years SVEF has been significantly expanding its survey portfolio to enable member companies to access not only data from high-tech but also be able to compare to their relevant peer companies.

There are 2 types of country surveys — pulse surveys and benchmark surveys. Currently SVEF has 11 benchmark surveys available internationally and for the US which cover Germany, Japan, Ireland, Australia, US,  Brazil, Canada, Singapore, China, India, UK.  In addition, members also have access to the Global Practices and Policies survey which provides insights to practices in governance, administration, multinational pooling, wellbeing and transportation to name a few.

One of the most popular survey tools is the ad hoc survey which allows members to request real time responses from member companies to help find solutions to current themes and hot topics.  Last year SVEF member ran over 200 ad hoc surveys which is a significant volume and shows how meaningful this resource is for our members.

“Last year SVEF members ran over 200 ad hoc surveys which is a significant volume and shows how meaningful this resource is for our members.”

Many wonder how the surveys are developed and remain so relevant to members.  Thanks to our Survey Advisory Committee, we are able to validate survey questions and gain feedback on the survey roadmap.  The committee’s team has proved to be invaluable in ensuring that the portfolio stays up to date and relevant.  We also are sensitive to how to balance the workloads of members and we strive to ensure that the survey publication dates ensure take a balanced approach to how much time and resources are dedicated to survey completion.  Surveys are also pre-populated for members that have already taken part to alleviate time required to complete the surveys.

“Our members have access to our survey dashboard tool which allows for a simpler view and exporting of survey data, including custom data cut selections for the Global Practices and Policies, U.S. Benchmark, and Country Benchmark surveys.”

Finally, in 2022 we introduced the survey dashboard tool which is an excellent way for members to run reports and export their data, allowing them to view the evolution of their own programs, but also to be able to conduct custom data cuts for the Global Practices and Policies, US Benchmark, and Country Benchmark Surveys. compare to peer groups and ensure plans and strategy are benchmarked accordingly.  Members can also download charts and more to include in internal presentations.

We aim to continue to keep adding to the international portfolio of surveys in 2024 and beyond, and we are excited about how we can keep helping our member companies get access to the benchmark data that will help them build best-in-class benefit strategies and programs.

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