nudge Global: Global Financial Health Pulse

Employees with strong financial health experience better overall wellbeing and bring their best selves to the work. Tracking financial health is essential in today’s workplace to understand the current financial mindset of your employees across the globe to determine the right course of action to support disparate employee wellbeing needs.

nudge checks the financial health of its global 1.5 million user community across five pillars of financial wellbeing. The start of 2024 reveals an overall global financial health score of 58/100, find out the key trends driving that score:


💵 Borrowing and Spending health is high. On average across people have confidence in managing day-to-day finances and keep their debt manageable.

📈 Low scores for Planning (life after work). People are focused on managing their current financial situation, rather than preparing for the future.

🌎 By region, North America is financially healthiest, 5 points higher than the global average. USA has higher confidence in their finances as people come out stronger, post economic shock.

📡 Continued growth of the tech sector has had a positive impact on its workforce, putting Tech as the industry with the strongest financial health. Previously Pharma was top and has moved to no. 3, possibly due to a cumulative drop in market cap.

💡 Top trending financial interests include Couples finances, Tax, Retirement – reflecting the day-to-day focus in the financial health score, but with attention looking to the future.

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