Mercer: Health on demand 2023 survey report

Benefits for all. The secret to thriving employees and thriving businesses

Understand the lives and priorities of your workforce; how to energize, reassure and care for them in the most relevant ways, inspiring your entire organization to thrive.

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Benefits for all. Benefits for a fast-changing world. Benefits for healthier societies.

To better understand the shifting priorities of different groups within the workforce, we sought opinions from over 17,000 individual employees, across different sectors and levels. Our analysis offers a unique insight into the value employees place on employer-provided benefits and demonstrates the power of a care-first approach.

Are your benefits keeping up with the fast changing times?

We wanted to see what it means to offer benefits that will resonate with individuals and drive healthier societies while addressing key risks of our time, like the impact of climate change on people’s lives. We found that for employees to thrive, employers need to show they care.

Employers have the power to close healthcare gaps so that all employees thrive.

Three key trends

Using benefits as an expression of company values is going to be more important as life becomes more complex.

Benefits for all

Building benefit strategies that work for everyone requires insight into the broad range of needs and preferences of different employee groups in your workforce.

Benefits for a fast-changing world

Using benefits as an expression of company values and to mitigate people risk is going to be more important as life becomes more complex, chaotic and digital.

Benefits for healthier societies

Advancing employee health is a critical component of “the S in ESG”. For employers to be part of the solution, they need to address the physical, financial and emotional needs of their workforce.

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Employees’ lives have become more complex. The physical, social and emotional, and financial challenges of the past few years have been exacerbated by a period of polycrisis that has encompassed war, environmental disasters, political upheaval and a level of inflation that has affected access to basic necessities”.

Employers have had to reassess the relevance and value of their benefits and are looking for creative and new ways to grow their business and their talent.

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