How Dow Empowered their Global Workforce with Virgin Pulse: A Personify Health Client Case Study

In today’s fast-paced world, organizations are realizing the importance of employee wellbeing to drive productivity and success. Dow, a global manufacturing company with over 40,000 employees in 60 countries, understands the power of putting people first. They have partnered with Personify Health, formerly known as Virgin Pulse, harnessing the digital capabilities of their platform, to engage their global workforce in managing their health and wellbeing. This case study explores how Dow leveraged Personify Health’s best practices to empower their employees and create a culture of wellbeing.


Dow Jones Case Study
DOW at a glance

Dow believes in enabling their employees to use their unique perspectives and backgrounds to find new ways to solve challenges and exceed customer expectations. They foster an environment of inclusion, diversity, and integrity. To support this vision, Dow sought a comprehensive health and wellbeing program that could be seamlessly implemented on a global scale. They chose Personify Health, formerly known as Virgin Pulse, recognizing their expertise in the field and their ability to integrate seamlessly with their existing resources.


Key Learnings and Takeaways:

With just one year of Virgin Pulse under their belts, Dow has already seen an incredible impact on their organization. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of Dow’s partnership with Virgin Pulse and will show you how they’ve achieved significant results in a number of key areas, including:


  • Strong enrollment and engagement through best practice program design: Dow’s program with Virgin Pulse was designed with careful consideration of their workforce’s unique needs. The program includes game design, rewards, and device subsidies. By tailoring the program to their employees’ preferences, Dow ensured high engagement and participation rates.
  • Instilled confidence in your members’ ability to manage their health and wellbeing: 91% of Dow employees already feel more confident in their ability to manage their health and wellbeing. By using Virgin Pulse, they have become more aware of their self-care needs, experienced better moods, felt healthier, and had increased energy levels. Through the program, Dow empowers their workforce to prioritize their health and wellbeing.
  • Increased health and wellbeing of your population with 1:1 support: The introduction of personalized coaching for US-based Dow members has yielded positive results. A staggering 87% of participants believe that coaching makes Dow a better place to work, and 66% have seen an improvement in their health status or overall sense of wellbeing. By providing tailored support, employees can address lifestyle changes, manage conditions, and navigate difficult situations with confidence.
  • Prioritized social connection and mindfulness: Learn how 70% of Dow employees have connected with one another, fostering a sense of community and support. Additionally, 56% of employees have participated in personal challenges, promoting both social connection and personal growth. Dow recognizes the importance of social wellbeing and provides a platform that brings employees together.


The collaboration between Dow and Virgin Pulse has proven to be a game-changer in driving employee engagement, health, and wellbeing. By leveraging Virgin Pulse’s best practices and expertise, Dow has created a culture where employees feel supported, confident, and empowered in managing their health and wellbeing. The case study of Dow serves as an inspiration for organizations around the world, demonstrating the power of data-driven health and wellbeing programs to positively impact both individuals and the overall corporate culture.

Dow Jones Case Study2

Dow’s biggest ambition is to be innovative, to use the digital capabilities of our partner, the expertise coming from Virgin Pulse and the ability to integrate that to reach the global scale with one tool is huge.​”  Peggy Sczepanski​, Global Wellbeing Program Manager

Watch the Dow video to learn more.




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