Siemens Energy Boosts Engagement and Wellbeing with an Integrated Approach to Health Benefits Powered by Alight Worklife®

Siemens Energy is a leading energy technology company that empowers customers to meet the growing global demand for energy. They are committed to making sustainable, reliable and affordable energy possible.

After its spin-off from Siemens Energy AG in September of 2020, Siemens Energy needed to develop their comprehensive HR and benefits strategy. While their divestiture opened many new opportunities, it also created the need for new ways to support employees through significant change. For example, their switch to a high deductible plan from a PPO meant that it would be critical for employees to become better consumers of healthcare and understand their benefits.

By partnering with Alight Solutions, Siemens Energy was able to guide employees with concierge healthcare navigation and use data to help them to act on healthy behaviors— improving outcomes and saving the organization significant costs.



Divestiture: September 2020

Business: Energy Technology

Workforce: 11,000 U.S. employees


Key Takeaways

  • A commitment to a single, front door for employees to access their benefits will maximize engagement and lead to the greatest impact on health & wellbeing
  • Taking an integrated approach to healthcare navigation using Alight Worklife®, the industry’s only comprehensive employee engagement and administration platform, creates synergies and lifts utilization beyond the average standalone vendor
  • Organizations should seek to obtain as much historical and objective data as possible to understand their health plan’s performance, define its success factors and use these insights to craft and adjust their population health strategy
  • Data-driven, highly personalized campaigns drive multiple healthy behaviors in employees, with claims-validated outcomes and reduced spend


Charting a new path as stewards of better health and wellbeing

As part of their divestiture planning, Siemens Energy had a choice with their health and benefits strategy: keep things the same or set out on a new path.

With the move to high deductible healthcare, there would be an increased need for employee education and support. Siemens Energy has a regionally distributed population with varied demographics and needs— including low levels of healthcare literacy and different preferences for communication— creating further complexity.

As they reviewed data coming back from their health plan, Siemens Energy also needed a better understanding of carrier performance and their population’s health. These challenges presented the organization with potential opportunities and ultimately motivated Siemens Energy to move beyond the status quo and become stewards of better health and wellbeing.


Smart data as a first step

To support Siemens Energy’s goal of understanding their population’s health, Alight tapped their partner, Springbuk, for data warehousing and analytics.

Leveraging Springbuk, Siemens Energy analyzed claims data to better understand:

  • What was making employees sick
  • Who wasn’t seeking recommended care
  • What were the patient outcomes
  • And which providers were best at treating their employees and families

With access to more granular information, Siemens Energy can define their health plan’s success factors based upon objective data and shift their strategy as things change.


An integrated approach to healthcare navigation with Alight Worklife®

A cornerstone of Siemens Energy’s strategy was to maximize engagement by giving their people one place to go. With Alight Worklife already in place, the platform was serving as the front door for all benefits, including Alight’s solutions for employees:

  • Health Benefits Administration
  • DC Administration
  • DB Administration
  • Self-directed Brokerage Accounts
  • Financial Planning
  • Newly added: Payroll

By integrating Alight Healthcare Navigation with these existing services in Alight Worklife, Siemens Energy launched an intelligent, integrated program for health benefits management, engagement and high-touch support.


Alight Healthcare Navigation and Health Pros®: eliminating the hassle and concierge assistance in a snap

Alight Healthcare Navigation delivers a data-driven experience that cuts through healthcare’s complexity and connects Siemens Energy employees to empathetic experts in the moments that matter.

Employees receive a dedicated Alight Health Pro — a highly trained consultant that can navigate the simplest or most complex issues. Health Pros are available by direct phone, direct email and chat to help employees and their families at any point in the healthcare journey.

With Alight Healthcare Navigation and dedicated Health Pro support, Siemens Energy employees can access:

  • Concierge benefits guidance
  • Appointment setting
  • Provider recommendations
  • Procedure cost estimates
  • Program referrals
  • Coordination of care
  • Lower cost prescriptions
  • Bill reviews

Siemens Energy also provides employees with the Alight Benefits Card to further reinforce their front door strategy. Each employee receives a physical card that contains key information for their health, vision and dental carriers. The card also includes one website, one phone number, and one email to use for contacting their Health Pro and Alight.

“My Health Pro is always very pleasant on the phone and via email. I have started to use Alight more because I realize they provide a lot of services to help you understand and navigate your health care plan.” Siemens Energy Employee


Data-driven personalization for healthy behaviors

Hyper-personalized campaigns were also launched to further boost engagement in better health and wellbeing.

Using data-driven personalization, Alight Worklife targets employees through channels of their choice (e.g. emails, app notifications, personalized messages on their Alight Worklife home page) to engage them in healthy behaviors, including:

  • Primary care provider guidance
  • Preventative cancer screenings
  • Supporting musculoskeletal conditions
  • Supporting cardiac care
  • Managing diabetes
  • Managing cancer
  • Helping reduce high healthcare spend
  • Connecting to appropriate mental health resources… and more

In the case of Siemens Energy, claims-validated conversions show these campaigns are often driving multiple healthy behaviors in employees.



Early outcomes revealed improved benefits program awareness and utilization, healthcare cost savings and overall productivity savings. With help from a third-party consultant, Siemens Energy validated the following results:

  • 203K user sessions in the Alight Worklife platform
  • 56% increase in benefits utilization
  • 19% engagement in hyper-personalized campaigns
  • 7 conversions per employee in hyper-personalized campaigns (employees acting on multiple recommendations for betterhealth)
  • $889 in average savings per engaged household
  • 219% ROI

$2.4M in claims validated savings – from driving healthy behaviors and cutting the healthcare hassle for employees and families

93% provider satisfaction – more than 9 out of 10 were pleased with their doctor recommendation

$80K in productivity savings – during Q4 2021, Alight’s Healthcare Navigation saved more than 1,600 hours of time, in addition to generating $2.4M in total claims savings


What’s next

Siemens Energy continues to leverage robust data on utilization to formulate their strategy and improve both clinical and financial outcomes. The next frontier is using this data to close gaps in care with Alight’s integrated approach to healthcare navigation. The organization is also enhancing engagement tactics to reach and activate more of the Siemens Energy dependent population and initiating campaigns to support greater financial wellbeing.


Start the transformation

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