Alight: Five steps employers can take now to reduce employee stress

There is continued evidence of stress on employees at home and at work. Data from Alight’s Workforce and Wellbeing Mindset Study found that 75% of employees rate their stress levels as moderate or high.

  1. Consider flexibility in a new light

With greater work flexibility, employees can alleviate stress, take care of their needs and be more productive. Think outside the box to provide that flexibility – perhaps a shorter work week, additional wellness hours or a designated day of the month just for wellbeing.

  1. Embrace digital tools for employee stress

90% of people want a one-stop shop for all benefits and 87% think mobile access if important. Think creatively about the digital tools you offer because people want more ways to help alleviate stress.

  1. Activate, not just educate

40% of employees report that their employer has actively communicated more about stress and mental health, but there is a still room to improve. Go beyond mere awareness of support and help activate people into taking action.

  1. Communicate about stress and mental health

50% of people say they have spoken openly with their manager about job-related stress. Use additional channels like business or employee resource groups to get the word out.

  1. Rethink corporate culture

If 44% of employees are experiencing at least one symptom of burnout, the overall employee experience is certainly impacting people’s health. Think about your company value prop and how to walk the walk, as this will be critical when it comes to retention.

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