A Huge Success for the Bay Area Benefits Summit this May

Since the pandemic, our in-person events had been cancelled or postponed.  So it was with great excitement that we were finally able to reconvene with our members and partners at the Bay Area Summit in May.

Considering the significant changes that have taken place in benefits due to the pandemic and new ways of working, we’ve seen a readjustment from employers as things get back to normal, namely a focus on how to optimize benefit plan design, consolidate vendors and better manage benefit spend.

One of the main highlights was with key note speaker and Forbes HR Council member and SVEF Advisor, Richard Polak who spoke to attendees about how they can work smarter and better, providing highlights from his newly published book “Work Smart Now”. His session offered a transformative framework to achieve more in less time, fostering a sense of joy and fulfillment.

“Companies with engaged employees, outperform those without by up to 202%” – Richard Polak, Work Smart Now

Other partners helped attendees better understand the importance of what is changing in benefits and wellbeing and how to harness the five forces now shaping the industry.  We also heard how to rethink approaches to mental health for a global workforce and how companies need to elevate their strategies to the next level and optimize the resources they have put in place to achieve better outcomes.

“Startling statistics revealed a 42% decline in employees’ mental health since the pandemic, underscoring the urgency of addressing this issue. -meQ”

Finally, one key elements was also how to navigate the complex healthcare system in the US, and the need for more streamlined and personalized experiences and how to leverage health data to tackle root causes of social inequity.

Overall, the Bay Area Benefits Summit provided professionals with a platform to optimize employee benefits, foster innovation, and prioritize well-being. Attendees gained valuable insights and actionable strategies to enhance their organizations and empower their workforce- all while concluding with a satisfaction rating of over 93%.

“True optimization is the revolutionary contribution of modern research to the decision making process” – George Dantzig

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